Monday, 7 March 2011


Dragonite is known as a dragon pokemon and is the final evolution of Dratini. It is very different from it's previous form such that it is now a fully developed dragon with a biege belly that extends from the top of his neck to the tip of his tail. Being a dragon-type it has developed wings and is capable of learning the skill fly. It is said Dragonite can circle the globe in just 16 hours due to it's speed. Dragonite has a mini horn on the top of his head, yet still maintains an innoncent appearance very much like his previous forms.

It is said that Dragonites have saved people from drowning and lead ships trapped in storms to safety. People have also said there is an island that onlny Dragonite's inhabit. Dragonite's main food includes a wide variety of berries, fruits and soft plants. They are said to have intelligence near humans.

Overall, Dragonite is one of the coolest Pokemon i've ever seen and caught. They can learn like nearly every single skill and is a really strong and cool looking Pokemon. Dragonite is definitely a Pokemon you would want in your party, especially in the olders versions like Pokemon Red, Green or Yellow, or the newer ones, Leaf green and fire Red. DRAGONITE!!!!!

Monday, 28 February 2011


Pikachu is an electrc type pokemon. Pikachu is one of the most noted pokemon due to it being a central character in the Pokemon Anime series.  It is widely recognised by most people and considered to be the official mascot of the Pokemon Franchise.

In the world of pokemon, Pikachu can be found in houses, trees, forests, plains and near mountains. It is especially popular in regions of electrical sources. Pikachu being an electric type pokemon is able to store electricity in its cheeks and produce ligtning attacks.

Pikachu is a small mouse like pokemon with short yellow fur and a zig zag tail. They have black tipped pointy ears and short stubby legs and arms. They are usually characterised by their two red cheeks and pika pika sounds.